About Yost Electric

We are a 46 year old established business regularly servicing 100 mile radius of Gorham, KS and beyond.

We specialize in oil field, industrial, & commercial electrical installation and service.

We strive to provide personal customer service. With 7 service trucks, 2 aerial trucks, 2 trenchers/ excavators, and an array of other equipment, our staff of professional electricians are eager to work with you to fulfil your electrical needs.

Yost Electric Services

Our main focus at Yost Electric, Inc. is oil field electrical services. We constantly strive to bring our customers the latest technologies for all of the industries that we serve

We were one of the first companies in the area to bring reliable varibale frequency drives for rod pumping units to the oil field.

Our experience in industrial automation, such as the use of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) with variable frequency drives, has carried over to the many services we offer in the oil field.

Our History

Yost Electric, Inc. is located ¼ mile south of the town of Gorham, Kansas, between Interstate 70 and Gorham. The company was started in 1978 by Chuck and Terri Yost of Gorham, Kansas. The original name of the company was Chuck Yost Electric. In 1983 the business was incorporated and the name was changed to Yost Electric, Incorporated. Chuck and Terri Yost are officers in the Corporation and remain in control of the company today.

In 1978, Yost Electric's first shop was a rented building located along Highway 40 in the town of Gorham. As the business began to grow, employees were hired and additional equipment was put into service. In the Fall of 1984, construction began on a new facility at Yost Electric's current location of 4212 176th Street. In February of 1985, the operations of Yost Electric were moved into this new facility ¼ mile south of Gorham, Kansas. Yost Electric now has two buildings on a four acre lot and construction on an addition to the main building began in Feb. 2013.