Variable Speed Drive For Water Pump Applications

Prevent equipment wear and damage with the installation of a variable speed drive for your salt water or fluid pump application!

Our customers have reported a significant savings through lower energy usage & reduced equipment damage, which in turn provides a faster payback on the initial investment of a VFD.

Advantages for Water Pumps

  • A Variable Frequency Drive on a centrifugal saltwater pump will reduce pump cycling
  • Reduce fatigue to discharge line
  • Reduce cavitation and wear
  • Can prevent freezing problems by maintaining a constant fluid flow
  • A drive will also greatly reduce power consumption

Variable Frequency Drive For Fluid Transfer Pumps

Potential Power Savings For for Fluid Pumps

For Example
A 20 HP 3600 RPM Pump that Cycles can be Slowed Down to Run 24 hrs/ day
$0.06/ KWh
* Assumes no minimum pressure requirement on discharge line

Current Runtime New HP Requirement Power Savings Monthly Savings
60% 4.3 HP 65% $253*
70% 6.9 HP 51% $234*
75% 8.4 HP 44% $216*
80% 10.2 HP 36% $188*
90% 14.6 HP 19% $111*
95% 17.1 HP 10% $62*